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Basic 7, is an open source replacement written in Visual Basic 6.0.

Working on Current Milestone:
Compiler Compatable with Visual Basic 2.0
IDE Compatable with Visual Basic 2.0
Output win32 Asm, Compiled with NASM.
Compiler can Compiler itself.

The main goal at this point, is to create a working IDE that looks and feels like vb2.
Provides all the properties, methods and events that the base classes provide, this does
not include vbx's (as they are win16, unless a win16 port is made at a later time).

The Target we are eventually aiming for is Visual Basic 6.0.
OCX Support. (Although we may have to write some of our own ocx's instead of using Microsoft's)
True Win32 EXE's, that won't require MSVBVM*.DLL.

Current Status:
IDE 5%
Compiler 5%

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Last Update: 15th June 2005
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